Traditional signage and it's future

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Traditional signage and it's future

Traditional signage and it's future

In an industry where consumer personalisation and adaptability are king, the future may look bleak for static signage as we know it.

While traditional signage is still an inseparable part of any business's marketing strategy, trends indicate that traditional signs slowly losing ground in favour of more digital customisable options that "WOW!" the potential customer.

In the case of Digital signage it personalizes the shopping, learning and general information gathering experience of consumers while providing enterprises with real-time feedback that just isn't possible with traditional signage. As technology continues to advance and the market for digital signage expands further, traditional sign shops must accommodate the expectations of the marketplace and provide options that contribute to more personalized and unique viewer experience.

The opportunities digital signage offers don't mean that traditional strategies need to go out of fashion. Many organisations have used static and digital strategies side-by-side to great effect, and often traditional and digital strategies can be utilized together for better overall outreach and communication.

This holds true when traditional signs, neon signs, and digital signs can be incorporated in a single sign, creatively. Many Pylon and Billboard designs attest to these kind of combine signage techniques. It eye-catching and certainly achieve the objectives in signage.

Led Signage, with its various levels of visibility, ranging from P4 to P10, is widely available from us, and with rental and maintenance options to give you further piece of mind.

Signs4sa, installs and sets up the total infrastructure, providing a full turnkey program.

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