Get your brand recognised through signage – marketing that talks to the multitudes

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Get your brand recognised through signage – marketing that talks to the multitudes

Get your brand recognised through signage – marketing that talks to the multitudes

What marketing tools are out there that are affordable and that can get your brand message across to a large audience? Signage of course. We see signage wherever we go, whether at shopping centres or on the streets and they seem to be a very effective way of marketing. The key to effective signage is where you plan on advertising and the design of the sign – after all, you want your business to stand out! And yes, size does matter; the bigger the sign is the better the chance you have of getting your message across.


Visual advertising is how a business gets its message across. This can be done through banners, television advertisements, social media, light displays, brochures and signage. At the end of the day, you need to find the most useful and successful way to advertise the services that your business offers. Your signage should have a catchy slogan and unique design that will catch the eye of the target market audience. Make sure that all the important information is on the sign, such as:

  • Company name
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Website address
  • A short description of services offered or company slogan

The problem with using brochures as a form of advertising is that they are handed out and face it, how many of us actually take brochures that are handed out by vendors? Brochures are generally thrown away in any case and only reach a small target audience. Television advertisements are all well and good but they are extremely costly and the time slot you choose for the ad to be aired makes a big impact on your bottom line. Social media is very effective but not seen by as many people as signage would be. Vehicle branding is also a very effective marketing tool as you will have your company details on your vehicle for all to see.


Marketing that will get your message across

If you want to get your message across to a multitude of people, then signage is definitely the way to go. Maybe you should consider advertising your business along the highway? This will definitely work as there are thousands upon thousands of commuters daily and if your message reaches at least 20% of them then you know your choice in advertising was a success. To find out if choosing signage as your advertising medium is a success, you can always ask the potential customer, when calling, where they found out about your product.

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