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Sharkfin Banners

Sharkfin Banners

Sharkfin Banners allow brands to print designs which, will attract attention and promote their produce. Sharkfin Banners have a convincing visual impact on all who walk past them. Sharkfin banners grab the attention of possible customers, are inexpensive to purchase, and work well for all businesses. They are also greatly convenient, so you can use them at fairs, networking events, and many more! Also, since sharkfin flags are often used for outdoor advertising, companies who purchase these products have the added reassurance that they’re getting a lasting product. Advantages: Exposure, Cost Effective, Moveable, Lasting and Versatile. Uses: Corporate Functions, Fund Raisers, Social Events, Presentations, Outdoor Functions, etc.

Sharkfin banners are uniquely shaped outdoor banners. They have a curved top edge and almost have a “teardrop” shape. Sharkfin banners are designed for outdoor branding and the fabric is ideally suited for this to avoid rips. Our clients use the sharkfin banners for their golf days, their car branding events and sales floor branding.

Our Sharkfin Banners are of top quality and is going to help create your brand awareness swiftly and effectively in no time! Catch the eye of all the by-passers with a unique design of our Sharkfin Banners put together by our very own team or your own personal one – events and functions are a great place to put these to use – for your corporate company or small business. All bases are engineered specifically to be free rotating and not rip in the wind, thus allowing the flag to move with the breeze.

Any indoor or outdoor events have a large crowd that can be informed by simply putting up this banner in an area where everyone has to pass by. They are light when it comes to weight which makes setting it up so much easier, extremely wind resistant which ensures stability. Get your message across in a stylish and visually stimulating way which will set a great tone for your brand at the same time – large scale branding made simple and easy for everyone to make use of.

Other commonly used names for this product are Beach Banners, Free-standing Flags, Wind Flags, Promotional Flags, Advertising Flags, Custom Printed Flags, or Retail Flags.


Interested in our Sharkfin Banners for your business? Give us a call and our sign expert will be more than happy to assist you with the project from providing expert opinions based on safety regulations to creating an eye catching signage that meets all your specific needs.

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