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Standardized Signs

Standardized Signs

Signage is important in directing and conveying to an audience an effective message. Standardized signs can be found on Highways, as Traffic Signs Symbol Signs such as Safety Signs, Directional Signs, Construction Signs and or Information signs. Requesting standard sized signs have many benefits for you.

These benefits includes:

  • Shorter Lead time is attainable that will be favourable in meeting your due dates
  • Standardised costing of material is accurate and make it possible for you to compare our prices against others
  • Reduction of manufacturing cost for reduced pricing that ultimately have a positive impact on the selling price to our clients.
  • Our estimators are well-versed with costing and plan discounted prices carefully with our cost-cutting campaigns.
  • Improved turn-around in presenting quotations to you or by displaying the price online via our website.


Signs should ideally be simple, eye-catching and easy to understand. This is where we can play a vital part in advising you how the sign should be manufactured, the material to use and how the message can be conveyed successfully.

If you are looking for a cost-effective alternatives in signs, contact us without delay. Material obtained from suppliers at various sizes and thickness that have a direct impact on the final price for the product. We prepare our signs in a way that makes it relatively simple for you to install that further cut cost on hiring experienced riggers to install the signs.

For more details on standardised signs contact Signs4sa or at 011314-0053

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