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Hand Held Flags

The Handheld Flags is made to order and supplied to business with full colour dye print and a handheld stick. Stick flags go by many names such as mini flags, small flags and handheld flags. All of these refer to smaller sized flags that are fixed on poles or dowels.

Stick flags go by many names such as mini flags, small flags and handheld flags. All of these refer to smaller sized flags that are mounted on poles or dowels. Handheld Flags are made to order and supplied with white hand held plastic sticks.

The Hand Held Flags are manufactured in full colour print. A Hand Held Flag is a great unit for promotions and branding events. Contact us and have your brand or company logo printed on Hand Held Flags and spread the word of your brand or company.

The Hand Held Flags is ideal for events, promotions, conferences, trade expos, and in-store displays. The system is quick and easy to setup so that you can easily put up and take down your message. It is also folds away compact and comes with a bag so that it can transported easily.

It’s easy to get into the competitive spirit with the custom hand flags from The Flag Makers! Our hand waver flags can be customized in a multitude of ways. Because there are so many ways to personalize your flags, they’re perfect for a wide variety of events. They’re a must at high school and college sports competitions, but they’re great for large outdoor events, they make great handouts, and more!

Customizing hand waver flags with The Flag Makers means a lot more than just deciding what image you want to put on your flag. Nearly every aspect of your flag can be customized.

Sizes available: 150 x 100mm, 210 x 150mm, 200 x 300mm, 300 x 400mm or Customize the size to suit your wants.

Signs4SA offers custom made/printed hand flags that can have an important effect on your advertising efforts. If order in bulk quantity discounts are available. Long-lasting hardware – pole, round ball, and more.

Interested in our Hand Held Flags for your business? Give us a call and our sign expert will be more than happy to assist you with the project from providing expert opinions based on safety regulations to creating an eye catching signage that meets all your specific needs.

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