Seeing Is Believing – The Importance Of Corporate Signage

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Seeing Is Believing – The Importance Of Corporate Signage

Seeing Is Believing – The Importance Of Corporate Signage

Corporate signage is often so effective we don’t even realise how it impacts us. Think about such iconic brands as Apple, for example. Most of us see the logo and immediately know what company it is, without the need for any further information. The same goes for McDonald’s golden arches. These are just two big brands that prove if you have a great logo and professional signage, half your marketing and promotional goals are already achieved.


Your company may not be in quite the same league as Apple and McDonald’s, but that doesn’t make the need for professional corporate signage any less important. Your signage is the most visual representation of your brand, and a silent salesman for your company. A professional, well-designed sign is one of the most basic of all the tools in your marketing toolbox. It creates a positive impression of your company before people have even walked through your doors, and immediately lets them know what they can expect when they do.


Eye-catching and attractive corporate signage is proven to increase footfall, while a badly-designed or unprofessional sign turns people off. Consider this:

  • Almost 80% of consumers say they have walked into a shop or business they’d never before visited based solely on its signage.
  • The same number said they’d told a friend about the business simply because of its signage.
  • Over two-thirds of consumer say they have bought something from a shop or business because its sign caught their eye.
  • Six out of 10 consumers are deterred from entering a business by the lack of any signage.
  • Over half of consumers surveyed admitted that unprofessional signage puts them off entering a business.

Important Things To Remember When Designing Corporate Signage

When you first start a business, it’s easy to overlook the importance of having well-designed and professional-looking corporate signage. But your signage is a critical part of your overall corporate identity and helps to project an image of a legitimate and trustworthy business.


When designing your sign, ask yourself these important questions:


Does it reflect the right image of your company?

  • Is it eye-catching and easy to read?
  • Are the colours and font consistent with your company’s logo and corporate image?
  • Is it well-made and professional in appearance?
  • Can it be seen at night?

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