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At Signs4sa, we have the digital print and design know-how, as well as state-of-the-art sign-making technology, to create the high-impact signs you want with the quick turnaround time your business demands. Our wide range of digital imaging and printing technology knowledge, quality materials, design elements and other resources, can transform even your biggest and most lofty visions into reality. For more details, please review the information provided within this site regarding materials, color and visibility suggestions, and the other resources available.

While the concept might sound complicated, the reality is not as so. As a product of technological advancement, digital printing is nothing but a method used to print a photo, message, image, or logo straight into a material of choice. This is done through various colors and clarity that you would not receive from any other high-speed printing. Digitally printed signage is thus, high-quality marketing material.

What is The Specialty of Such Signage?

Digitally printed signage is not limited to one distinct color palette. A large format digital printer used for such signs can print a wide range of hues at one go, ensuring that only life-like reproductions are produced, with clarity. The best part of going for such signage is that they give a 3-D appearance with several shades and depths of color. It is quite prevalent for marketing, especially when it comes to business organizations, due to their high-quality printing. Various reasons for it being so exceptional are:

  • They are affordable : When we are talking about signs, the traditional methods involve several layers of work, and that can make it time-taking and cumbersome. Digital printing, on the other hand, needs no distinct preparation as such and thus can be done instantly, at affordable rates.
  • They are flexible : I cannot stop stressing on the fact that in other forms of signage, making changes in the design is challenging. When it comes to digitally printed signs, all the data is stored in a digital space, making it easier to make changes and enhancements. This way, you can also print multiple designs in every batch.
  • They have variety: Large format digital printers make the use of UV curable screen printing inks or water-based variants, which allows the design to be printed on any surface. This might include glass, Sintra, paper, vinyl, or even wood for that matter.
  • They are durable: The best part of digitally printed signage is that they are extremely long-lasting, all because of the quality of inks used for the process. The inks, carefully chosen for digital signs, can brave all the elements, without facing any deterioration in the quality.
  • They are eco-friendly: When it comes to the traditional form of printing, bulk orders are passed. Needless to say, the remaining prints are thrown away, classified as trash, which may harm the environment in the process. Digital printing, on the other hand, does not need any preparation, and thus you may print them out whenever required.

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Creating a custom-designed sign is one of the most important stages in building brand Identity and awareness. A sign should reflect your style of business, easily recognised and remembered by your customers. We know how critical your identity is, and our professional designers can work with your existing logo or create a custom design to fit your needs. Remember, your sign represents your business and provides advertising 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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