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Covered Pole Pylons

Covered Pole Pylons

A traditional pylon sign is very serviceable. A pylon sign dressed up in Signs4sa’s custom pole covers takes the look from mundane to spectacular with a beefy punch.For ease of installation, the pole covers were created in vertical sections. Each section was constructed in two pieces – fronts and backs – so the poles could be “wrapped” with the covers. Built-in mechanical fasteners ensured that all pieces and sections would be securely joined.

Covered Pole Pylons are pylons that have their pole mounts concealed while enhancing the design of your Pylon. Built to virtually any shape to offer a truly unique look and design of your choice.

The poles ont the pylon can be covered with an attractive wrap to provide added dimension (and impact!) to your sign. The cover can be designed and built to almost any shape for a one-of-a-kind look that complements the sign’s surroundings.

If you don’t like the visual appeal of an exposed aluminum pole, you can cover the structural supports in a variety of creative ways. Signs Now can fabricate a custom, personalized cover that’ll match your business’s aesthetic. There are hundreds of designs that can be implemented, so be sure to talk to the designers about what can be done.

Interested in our Covered Pole Pylons for your business? Give us a call and our sign expert will be more than happy to assist you with the project from providing expert opinions based on safety regulations to creating an eye catching signage that meets all your specific needs.

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