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Tension Mount Displays

Tension Mount Displays

The Banner Tension Mount is a spring-loaded bracket that releases wind pressure keeping banners in original condition. Custom sizes are available on request although dependant on quantity. Fully collapsible and compact. An optional installation pole is available to raise and lower the banner without the need of hoisting equipment. Prints are economical, making this a perfect solution for updating seasonal branding. Seamless fabric graphics up to 50m long Fabric graphics reused for future displays. Packing, storing and moving graphics is easy and profitable. Frames can be single- or double-sided, freestanding or wall-mounted.

Tension Frames are a modern take on poster hanging displays, lightweight aluminium frame acts as the perfect border around the graphic. Centred with the use of aligator clips and connecting springs this adds style to the print in any given situation. When it comes to suspended cable display systems Systematic Art, a leader in picture hanging technology has one of the most comprehensive catalogs ready for immediate shipping.

The tension display is a system that is fixed between two points to create tension and available in various configurations that include ceiling to floor, wall to wall, and ceiling to wall. The tensioned display system offers an elegant hanging solution and designed to suspend signage, menu boards, photography, and acrylic in windows and high traffic areas. The tension display can work with a variety of hardware that includes side clamps for supporting objects vertically and shelf supports for both wood and glass.

In addition to tension systems, our display systems include drop-ceiling supports, sign suspension kits, poster hanging sets, and acrylic pockets used to display point of purchase, photography, banners, shelving, sculptures, and advertisements.

The display systems available through Systematic Art are modular with interchangeable components that can be modified based on customer needs. Our systems allow users to be as creative as they want without having to damage ceilings or walls.

The tension poles mount directly between the floor and ceiling in a matter of seconds with a simple flip of the handle. The tension grips the poles in place so there is no need to drill holes or alter the setting in any way. In fact, the temporary, nature of the installation is part of its appeal; it allows you the experiment with its positioning. It can set it against a wall or placed in the middle of a space to act as a room divider!

Non-slip rubber top and bottom caps hold the poles securely in place without damage to the floor or ceiling. Once the poles are in place, shelves can be added and because the system is modular, it can be reconfigured if required at a later point.

Interested in our Tension Mount Displays for your business? Give us a call and our sign expert will be more than happy to assist you with the project from providing expert opinions based on safety regulations to creating an eye catching signage that meets all your specific needs.

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