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Fabric Banners and Flags

Fabric Banners and Flags

Our premium value fabric banners will make your brand noticeable and stand out from the rest. The can help your business get its message across to possible clients and customers. These signs can be used both for indoor and outdoor. You can indicate which material the banner will be made in with either nylon, polyester, satin, and different types of synthetic fibres. With banners, you have the choice to print colour-rich illustrations for maximum effect. Using fabric banners will bring a distinctive advantage to your business. Being able to reuse, wash, and easily move are just some of them. Advantages: Material flexibility and Durability.

Ever think a regular old vinyl banner looks just a bit … boring? Our custom fabric banners add a touch of class to your messaging! With our fabric banner printing, you can customize a banner to your event, add a logo, or even put in your slogan. We offer custom cloth banner printing with a fast turnaround time.

We print our standard fabric banners on a polyester material called poplin or drape knit. Fabric banners are superior to vinyl banners in indoor, low humidity applications for the following reasons:

Our custom fabric banners do not reflect light. This is perfect for places where photos will be taken, such as trade-shows, exhibit displays, large corporate events and press conferences.

Our custom fabric banners are easy to store they can be folded down much smaller than traditional vinyl banners.

Adds a professional polished look to your display. Our custom fabric banners can be hung cleanly with sleeves instead of grommets.

Our fabric banners are available in three different materials: 100% polyester, windproof outdoor fabric and deluxe indoor fabric. Sophisticated, crease-resistant and offering bright, clearly defined colours, they are the perfect choice for getting your message across in style in refined indoor spaces or at high-class events.

Being able to be folded, ironed, washed and stored easily makes Fabric Banners the perfect choice for any indoor application. Whether the banner is being used on a podium, hung from a wall or suspended from a ceiling, the clean look of custom printed fabric will give your banner a polished feel.


Interested in our Fabric Banners and Flags for your business? Give us a call and our sign expert will be more than happy to assist you with the project from providing expert opinions based on safety regulations to creating an eye catching signage that meets all your specific needs.

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