Digital Signage

Digital signs or digital boards, digital signage is digital video content or digital images displayed on a screen. You may even hear some people call it electric signage. No matter what you call it, the solution allows incredible flexibility and has the potential to have a powerful impact on your business.

In place of traditional print advertisements, menus, posters or signs, the digital images and video that make up the signage (or “digital content”) are displayed on a high-definition screen, or series of screens.

Content is driven to the screen from a media player (or “digital signage player”) in the same way that your cable box is connected to your TV at home. The media player stores the content that is driven by cloud based software that determines how content is displayed on the screen.

Professional displays are replacing traditional print media, with enhanced creative content. These solutions capture attention and increase communication and engagement with consumers and employees. Unique video wall configurations, kiosks and creative video walls are often also incorporated into the environment as a design feature. Whether you are a retail store promoting a brand/product or a service provider displaying information, our digital signage solutions will grab attention.

Transform the way customers see your business with DMX visual solutions. From digital menu boards, video walls and touch screen displays – to a personalised software for all your content management needs.

Creating a custom-designed sign is one of the most important stages in building brand Identity and awareness. A sign should reflect your style of business, easily recognised and remembered by your customers. We know how critical your identity is, and our professional designers can work with your existing logo or create a custom design to fit your needs. Remember, your sign represents your business and provides advertising 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For a customised solution, please feel free to contact our sales management.

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