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For a professional Brand Audit & Consultation, go no further! We at Signs4A feel that we have the knowledge and experience to advise you on how to improve and manage your brand better. Our best moto is to review your brand’s identity every 5-7 years to guarantee that it is kept up to date and at the lead of your industry. The procedure of evaluating your brand, it’s values, it’s mission and its position in the marketplace need to come before engaging in a new brand identity, and this can be done by doing a brand audit. What are the various elements of a brand audit? The business world changes daily, which might mean that your audience is also gradually changing.

If you do not re-evaluate your brand, you might be fixed targeting the wrong audience, or concentrating on the wrong marketing strategies. By reviewing your brand, you can guarantee you stay ahead of your competitors and that you are communicating correctly with your target audience. When it comes to your brand, understanding your competition is vital. To conduct a complete brand audit, we at Signs4SA will focus on the following elements:

  • At first, we’ll recognize your competitors and similar brands
  • Analyse your brand language and compare 
  • Analyse your visual identity, with the goal of enhancing it
  • Focus on target audiences to establish how they experience your brand – and brands like yours
  • Establish your brand’s positioning in the industry, and determine ways in which you can enhance it

Our services do not just end after your brand audit is done – we can also help you to put into operation certain strategies to improve your brand, with specific focus on the information found during your audit. These services can include the design of a new logo and new signage and branding options. 

With our team on your side, you can be assured that your brand will get noticed! Contact us today about a brand audit for your business and get ready to profit the benefits.


Interested in our for your business? Give us a call and our sign expert will be more than happy to assist you with the project from providing expert opinions based on safety regulations to creating an eye catching signage that meets all your specific needs.

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