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Teardrop Banners

Teardrop Banners allow brands to print designs which, will attract attention and promote their produce. Teardrop Banners have a convincing visual impact on all who walk past them. Teardrop banners grab the attention of possible customers, are inexpensive to purchase, and work well for all businesses. They are also greatly convenient, so you can use them at fairs, networking events, and many more! Also, since teardrop flags are often used for outdoor advertising, companies who purchase these products have the added reassurance that they’re getting a lasting product. Advantages: Exposure, Cost Effective, Moveable, Lasting and Versatile. Uses: Corporate Functions, Fund Raisers, Social Events, Presentations, Outdoor Functions, etc.

The evolving Teardrop Banner

As a pioneer of our industry, we have always had a passion for innovative branding solutions. The desire to educate others with our vast knowledge of portable event branding solutions has kept us at the top of our field. We will never stop evolving the Flying Banner. Since its first release in 1999 we have continuously tried and tested its design to ensure we are providing a quality product that can withstand harsh elements and last the distance. Through this vision came the making of a signage legend

Teardrop Flags: Our range of teardrop flags (teardrop banners) are an effective and attractive way of advertising outdoors – and make excellent use of the SA’s winds. The solid aluminum frame is easy to assemble and sturdy enough for continual outdoor use, and there are a choice of bases so you can select the base best suited to the surface where your teardrop flag will be placed. The flag is printed using weatherproof, UV stable water-based inks that won’t fade, and is produced using polyester flag material.

Teardrop Flags:  Sail flags (also known as sail banners) are an attention-grabbing and inexpensive way of creating versatile indoor and outdoor signage. Sail flags come into their own when they are moved by wind, yet they are always easy to read, even when they are in motion. The flags are made from a tough knitted polyester which looks great and is very durable.

Sail flags come in four size options and each flag is supplied with a carry and storage case and a handy ground spike (alternative base options are available if required). Our standard sail flag is printed on one side (a faint version of your chosen image is visible on the reverse side of the flag) but can be printed double-sided if required.

Teardrop Flag is an eye-catching flag display that can be used at a variety of events, or as a semi-permanent display. It is available in 3 heights from 2180mm to 4360mm and has six base options depending on its application. The banner is in a ‘teardrop’ style and features a single-sided mirror image banner which is printed onto a 115gsm knitted polyester using a dye sublimation process. The mirror image design means your branding or promotional message will be 'flipped' but will read the same on either side of the flag.


Interested in our Teardrop Banners for your business? Give us a call and our sign expert will be more than happy to assist you with the project from providing expert opinions based on safety regulations to creating an eye catching signage that meets all your specific needs.

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