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LED Signs

LED signs are a great way to showcase your business. Signa4Sa manufactures LED signs that are safe and durable. LED signs can be designed for wall mount or pole mount, and be finished with flat faces, pan faces, or flex faces.

You can now illuminate almost any sign type with energy efficient LED lighting. While there is still a lot of similarity between LED and fluorescent signage, LED Illuminated Signs and Letters continue to surge in popularity, due to their durability—LED lasts over 50 000 hours, and is much more cost effective over the period.

LED Illuminated Signs and Letters boast low energy costs and zero waste emissions and only require 12 volts to run. Even though the initial cost of LED signage may be higher compared to fluorescent tubes, you can re-coup your investment with reduced energy consumption over a short time period.

Our LED Illuminated Letters are also more resistant to shock and vibration than neon-illuminated letters, causing fewer breakage issues during the shipping and installation process. In addition, LED signage and letters provide excellent cold weather performance and brightness, while neon illumination can have a lower level of light emission in colder temperatures.

At Signs4sa, we design, manufacture and install LED Illuminated Signs and Letters that make your sign's first impression, a lasting - and eco-friendly - impression. Already have fluorescent signage? Signs4sa can retro-fit your existing signage from neon lighting to energy efficient LED illuminated Signage. We also have a design department that could assist you with innovative and conceptual LED signage.

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