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Backlit Billboards

Backlit Billboards

Backlit billboards are illuminated with either fluorescent tubes, neon tubes or LED's. These self standing advertising displays provide a clear picture allowing you to see the life, theme, and style of your business. The advantage of back lighting is that there is no glare on the face of the sign, so the full message of the sign can be visible from a greater distance than when there are spot lights illuminating the front of the sign.


Backlit describes advertising structures or billboards that have illumination which sends light through the advertisement for higher visibility. Ads must be printed on special translucent surfaces. Backlight billboards became very popular when computer printed vinyl became available in the 1980s. Until the Marlboro Man hung his hat up in 1999, cigarette companies made use of backlight billboards in premier locations, especially on 19’6×48 locations across the country. Later in the 80’s and early 90’s Budweiser and other beer brands became a heavy user of the format, especially once the premier tobacco locations became up for grabs.

Today, advertisers tell us that they have become accustomed to the brilliant digital billboard images at night. When digital permits are not possible, these advertisers love to have brilliant looking ads and perm up the location for a longer-term.


Key Features and Benefits

·         Works excellent with dual day/night backlit vinyl’s

·         Signs4sa manufacturers its Backlit Billboards using the most reliable and superior LED illumination available, which outperforms any other type of lighting used today

·         Low voltage LED drivers replace high failure HID and florescent ballasts with instant on-off illumination at any outside temperature

·         Designed to achieve incredible power savings for a fast R.O.I.

·         The lowest maintenance of any lighting solution

·         Perfectly even, edge to edge illumination

·         Signs4sa’s LED illumination provides true color accuracy through the purest white light & highest lumen output possible

·         Backlit frames are built from quality galvanized steel to provide the most durable display in the industry

·         Our slim 8” modular cabinet design and mounting clips makes installation quick and easy

·         Standard sizes range from 5’x11’ to 20’x60’ with custom sizes available

·         Available in standard wrap or front insert models for the quickest & simplest installation of backlit flex-faces

·         Signs4sa’s LED lighting is backed by a 5-year warranty, including the LED power supplies

·         Our LED illumination has a 50,000-hour life guarantee, equal to 17 years of service

·         LED identical bin code process used for one color guarantee

·         LED Modules have a luminous efficacy of 114 lm/watt – 91 lm/mod – 316 lm/square foot

·         LED Module Watt .8w/mod (1.39w/ft.)

·         IP65 Water Proof LED Modules & IP68 Water Proof LED Power Supply/Driver

·         Pure White Color Temp of 7000K

·         170 degree LED Module Viewing Angle

·         Vinyl hardware is available



Interested in our Backlit Billboards for your business? Give us a call and our sign expert will be more than happy to assist you with the project from providing expert opinions based on safety regulations to creating an eye catching signage that meets all your specific needs.

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