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Pole Banner Mount

Pole Banner Mount

Pole banners give you yet alternative high-quality option for advertising outdoors. Long a mainstay of schools, museums, and urban promotions, this durable format allows anyone to simply turn any light or utility pole into valued advertising space. Advertise events, product and service offers, and much more, right in the line of vision of drivers and pedestrians.

Pole Banner Mount is a spring-loaded bracket that discharge wind pressure keeping banners in original condition. The mount eliminates bracket and possible light pole damage. The system is steel constructed and electro-plated and accommodates single- and double-sided PVC prints – collapsible and compact – with or without full colour print.

With a variety of banner bracket hardware options, the flexibility of Signs4sa allows you to mount your banners on buildings, light poles and more. When you choose Signs4sa hardware, you can mount your banners confidently knowing that they are designed with a proven, patented technology that has been wind-force tested up to 100 miles per hour. Constructed from corrosion resistant aluminium, you'll never need to worry about parts becoming worn, corroded or needing to be replaced. When you shop with Signs4sa, you can shop with the knowledge that our banner brackets are built to last.

We print on tear and weather-resistant, blackout vinyl for street pole banners vinyl in a matte finish for wall mounted. Print on either or both sides and customise the size to fit your needs.

  • Pole Mount Banners cane be used events, parades, seasonal celebrations, and campuses, with our custom pole mount banners your choices are endless:
  • Pick your style, size, shape, material, and printing details
  • Vibrant, full colour, fade-resistant pole banner graphics
  • Multiple size options available – up to 3ft wide and 8ft tall
  • Hardware includes all brackets, fiberglass poles, and steel ties 
  • Choose your material - multiple vinyl & polyester options

These metal light pole banner brackets are a reliable and affordable way to exhibit a street flag in your community. The mounts are made from rust resistant cast aluminium. The light pole banner brackets that are wind resistant come with poles made from fiberglass. Two set screws secure the fiberglass poles in each aluminium mount. The light pole banners with wind resistant poles attach to lampposts with adjustable screw gear bandings that will fit around posts up to three feet in circumference. This mounting hardware is engineered to use with a fabric or vinyl street flag that has grommets. Zip ties are included, which loop through grommets in the vinyl street banners and through pre-drilled holes in the aluminium mounts. This ensures the flag does not slide off the poles in windy conditions.

The mounting hardware, light pole banner brackets that are a great bargain do not have an on-pole adjustment mechanism. This feature is specifically excluded to keep the price point of this unit as low as possible. To pull a flag taut, one must manually slide the light pole banner brackets along the lamppost, and then tighten the screw gear bandings. Shoppers that purchase this set of street flag hardware receive a kit of long-lasting durable mounts, which cost significantly less than similar merchandised offered by competitors. Users can buy two hardware sets and mount them side-by-side to form double-wing street flag displays as well.

Set the bar high for your promotions with pole banners from Signs4sa. Pole banner printing gives your business the outdoor visibility it needs. Popular among gyms, ad agencies, museums, and event organizers, custom light pole banners are an effective way to get the attention of potential customers out on the streets and along sidewalks.

Print pole banners with Signs4sa enjoy the benefits of our banner printing services. We offer the most affordable banners and the best discounts you’ll find online. Order banners in bulk for even bigger savings.

Whether you are an event organizer or a sales representative, we’ll help you print the perfect banner for your business and budget. Pole banners are a cost-effective option for seasonal advertising. Once installed, you can just order banners without brackets to switch up your promotions.

They can also be printed on both sides to maximize visibility and attract pedestrians and drivers passing by on either side. You can order light post banners with street pole mounts or wall mounts so you can set them up anywhere. Single and double bracket types are also available to give you more mounting options.


Interested in our Pole Banner Mount for your business? Give us a call and our sign expert will be more than happy to assist you with the project from providing expert opinions based on safety regulations to creating an eye catching signage that meets all your specific needs.

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