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Neon Signs

At Signs4sa we do custom neon signs for our clients. The traditional neon signs still have an unmatched look and feel, and can be used in various creative designs such as billboards, portable displays at exhibitions and events, domestic or office use. The creative use of neon have a lasting impression on the audience

Neon comes in various colours and tube thickness. We can prepare the neon for flat mounting onto the wall, on a backing board or to your specifications. The examples attached hereto attest to the neon we manufacture for our clients across Africa. Neon costing is based on the amount of tubing used as well as the width of the tube, the amount of bends. Neon blowing is an art-form, and as such require artisans, skilled in the art of glass blowing

For more information on custom neon signs please contact us at or at 0871350438

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