Flag signage

Flags are a wonderful and effective way to market your brand. They can be used to represent and market your businiess. Here at Signs4sa we offer various types of durable, long-lasting and quality flag signs in different shapes and sizes that will help your company reach maximum exposure.

Flag signage is the perfect tool for your corporate branding. We at Signs4sa provide cost effective flag sign solutions and make sure each flag is printed single sided with a 95% strike through which ensures that it will get attention from all angles and by-passers. They are carefully finished with either clips, eyelets, sleeves or with a dowel stick.

Let your brand fly high with our massive range of corporate printed flags. country flags, corporate flags, desk flags, we’ve got all the options to choose from and we can custom-print to your specs and with your design.

Why Flag Signs are so Effective

With custom flags, your advertising is visible around the clock so you get 24/7 brand exposure You don’t have to take them down and they don’t expire after a certain number of hours.

Custom flags are an asset to your business. They don’t go out of style and they can be used and repurposed over many years. You won’t ever have to replace them unless they get damaged or destroyed somehow, and you can put them up and pull them back down as you see fit. This means that you only pay for them once, but you can keep earning a continuous return on your investment every time you bring them back out throughout the years.

Flag signage Products

Flag signs' Usage


  Real-estate companies

  Small businesses

  Retail store fronts

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