Vehicle Signage Turns Heads

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Vehicle Signage Turns Heads

Vehicle Signage Turns Heads

Your brand design and vehicle signage can mean the difference between success and failure. Doing it is the right thing, but doing it right is another thing. You can turn heads alright but you don’t want it to be in irritation. Here are some do’s and don’ts for effective vehicle signage.


DO: Ensure Legibility

Considering the astounding number of viewers who will be exposed to your vehicle signage, you want them at least to be able to read your company name, services and contact numbers. There are super-keen graphic designers on every block wanting to express their artistic ability and they often forget that vehicle signage is primarily about reading, not design innovation. Choose fonts intelligently.


DON’T: Overload The Graphics/ Info

Remember that you’re branding a moving object. People won’t have time to work out ‘clever’ wording or ‘fantasy’ artwork. The KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly) is your vehicle signage golden rule. Understandably, your vehicle will stop at traffic lights and it will park in public places. Some put a QR code on their vehicle but keep that subtle for close-up inspection and not something that will cause an accident while moving.


DO: Use All Three Sides

You have a three-dimensional object, back and sides and sometimes even front where appropriate. Make sure critical business contact info is at least placed on the back as well as both sides.


DON’T: Display Poor Quality Photos

Understanding that costs are always a factor, there is nothing worse than blurred, grainy graphic images. That will turn heads the wrong way – away from your vehicle signage.


DO: Convey The Right Message

Just as professionals dress for success, so vehicle signage needs to be appropriate. A kiddie’s pre-school graphic needs to be colourful and friendly whereas a legal entity would need a no-nonsense approach with elite symbolism and colour choices.


DON’T: Be Boring

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring. You want to make a statement. While the vital information is clear and legible, background colour or hood colour can enhance your vehicle signage significantly. A popular and effective idea is to have a simple graphic oversized that conveys the picture enough before it runs off the edge of the car door.


Finally, now that you’ve drawn attention with effective vehicle signage, the onus is on you to drive suitably carefully and courteously. It’s not a bad idea to drive relatively slowly if you’re in a car with signage. Keep your advertising vehicle super clean at all times. But most of all, go ahead and be about turning heads in your way.

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