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Custom Indoor Neon Signs

Despite the development of LED technology, Neon is still alive and well in the signage industry. At Signs4SA we manufacture all of our own neon tubing in our state of the art neon production plant, the raw glass tubing is hand-formed to match computer generated patterns, and installed in many different applications.

Variations include: Open faced channel letters, Neon accent or border tubing, exterior exposed neon lettering, interior displays for wall or window application.

Neon is extremely effective in outlining your building or business or providing an accent to your other signage.
When it comes to signs for your business, nothing beats a brightly glowing sign. You see them everywhere and its warm glow, from windows and bar rooms, demands your attention.

Neon was one of the earliest technologies used by sign makers - and it's still one of the most popular. We are known for the quality of our neon signs - we've been designing neon signs for companies across a spectrum of industries for almost 2 decades.

The first step in creating a custom neon sign is to plot the ideas on a fire resistant stencil. Our master tube bender will then accurately bend neon tubes into the right shape and design for your sign. Once the glass has been moulded, the air is sucked from the tubes and gas is pumped inside to create the glow.

At this point, the back of your sign is dipped into black glass paint to help the lettering and design stand out. Once dry, the lettering is mounted on a black or clear backing and wired to a transformer to power your new sign.

Finally, we double box your custom neon sign with plenty of foam packaging to avoid breakage during shipping. We include hanging hardware with each sign so you can immediately hang your sign right out of the box.

Indoor Neon Signage Installation