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Direct traffic your way with banners advertising, as an option in your marketing mix.

Banners come in different designs and shapes and can be utilized effectively as part of your indoor or outdoor exhibitions.

Banners such as Teardrop Banners, back-pack Banners, Sharpfin banners or Feather banners are popular shapes for portable display flags.

The banner consists of the printed branded flag and the system that holds it in position. The banner is printed single-sided or double-sided. Single-sided Teardrop banners are printed on one side, but are 95% translucent and are visible on the non-printed side as well in reverse. Effective designs can make single-sided banners appear as double-sided banners which will maximize your benefit with this kind of advertising.

The sizes can range from 2m to 6m and comes with parts for outdoor or indoor use.

Banner advertising is a highly visible and effective way of directing traffic to your business. It is easy to use and can be placed in any area of your choosing. They are cost effective as well, especially when used as part of a comprehensive advertising strategy

For more information on custom banner signs please contact us at or at 0871350438

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