Speed limit of 90 km/h

Speed limit of 90 km/h

Safety Sign Code:
  • R201-90

Road Prohibition Signs - Speed limit of 90 km/h Product Description

"Speed limit of 90 km/h - R201-90" is a regulatory sign commonly used on roads and highways to indicate the maximum speed limit that is allowed in a specific area. The sign is intended to enforce traffic laws and help ensure the safe and efficient flow of traffic.
The "R201-90" part of the name is likely a reference to a specific type of regulatory sign used in some countries. The number may indicate the shape, color, or design of the sign, or it may be a code used by the road authorities to identify the sign and its purpose. The "R" is often used to denote "regulatory" signs, which are used to control traffic and enforce traffic laws.
The "90 km/h" part of the name indicates the maximum speed limit that is allowed in the area where the sign is posted. In this case, the speed limit is 90 kilometers per hour, which is equivalent to about 55 miles per hour.
In general, regulatory signs play an important role in maintaining order and safety on the road. By following these signs and obeying traffic laws, drivers can help ensure the smooth and safe flow of traffic and reduce the risk of accidents. The "Speed limit of 90 km/h - R201-90" sign helps to enforce this speed limit and promote safe and responsible driving.
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