Face Shields

Tuff Face Shield

R 125.00 each.

Bulk orders negotiable.

Contact: warren@signs4sa.co.za


- Head brow gear material pp plastic.

- Visor 1mm polycarbonate clear.

- Total weight 0.297 grams.

- Flip up brow guard with adjustable knobs.

- Locking rachet adjustment.

- Soft sweatband.


When not in use, this visor should be stored in a bag or case, out of direct sunlight, away from chemicals and abrasive substances in a clean, dry, dust-free environment. During transportation, use the original packaging if possible.

Lens Replacement

Visor can be replaced with the same size and make sure the hands are clean (without grease) while fitting the replaced lens.

Faceshield Headgear Tuff Warning

Read all instructions and warnings before use. Failure to follow could result in serious personal injury or death. This brow guard and faceshield provides limited protection. Use only approved visors/ lenses suited to application. Carry out assesment to determine if hazardous ondition exists and make sure if equipment is suited to application. Inspect the complete faceshield and headgear before use. wear safety spectacles or goggles under faceshield. Respiratory and hearing protection should be used when required. If in doubt on any of the above, consult with a safety officer/ supplier / manufacturer before use.

Various Types of Face Shield

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