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Client : Rea Vaya

Pylons are one of the most mesmerising of outdoor signs. People call it all sorts of names such as monument signs, totems or illuminated towers.

Regardless of the naming of such signs, these signs make an impact on motorists, potential commuters and designers in the signage industry. These kinds of signs are mostly found at fuel stations and upper echelon motor dealers, Industrial, Commercial or Retail Shopping complexes. A study performed at a University in USA found that business performances exceeded its targets due to the impact these signs have on customers and onlookers.

Our client approached Signs4sa to build a unique Pylon for Rea Vaya stations across the City of Joburg. The Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) provides an affordable transport system in the City of Joburg. The Pylons built by Signs4sa are a product which vibrantly advertises the Rea Vaya’s brand and its dominance in Gauteng. The Rea Vaya logo and corporate colours illuminate perfectly as envisaged. The overall design is eye-catching and has a lasting impression on potential commuters. At Signs4sa, special attention is paid to the Client’s CI (Corporate Identity) and colour scheme, i.e. Pantone colours.

The size of the Pylon is 8440mm X 2000mm. The design consists of a front, back, left and right elevation. Material used in the construction is ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) cover plate, HD bolts, bracing supports, base plate, concrete plinth as per Civil Engineer’s specifications. Construction of these kind of signs require the technical savvy of a Professional Signage Manufacturer. After due consideration our client assigned the task to Signs4sa, a Professional company that has completed sign projects and installations across Africa and pan Africa.

The illustrative pictures will attest, to yet another successful project completed by Signs4sa in the City of Joburg. In most instances, Signs4sa will prepare a miniature of the large Pylon (see picture). These mock-ups, on a reduced scale, will give the client a tangible example of a model and view the impact of the envisaged illuminated Pylon. At Signs4sa we will go the extra mile for our clients and complement our client’s endeavours with on-time delivery of quality signs in-line with their project planning.

For more details contact Kevin Naidoo at or Georgie Shaw at, or contact us via mobile 087 135 0438.

The images below shows some of our stages during the compilation of this pylon. A project plan is communicated to the client and regular feedback given.

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