Signage In Mauritius

Phoenix Beverages, Mauritius

This signage project was concluded for Mauritius’s largest beverage company.It is a 3D Fabricated illuminated sign, with galvanised metal for the coast, Perspex lettering, and 10+ solid vinyl. The sign is 14 metres wide, and up to 4 metres high, weighing approximately 1.5 tonnes What is unique about the installation, is that this sign was manufactured to be Cyclone resistant, and can be folded back with minutes should there be adverse weather conditions, with a mechanical arm that folds backwards, on wheels and pins to lock into place.

It also has a redundancy built into the LED framework, with two circuits in the event of any of the electricals failing on one circuit, the other lights up. Being one of Mauritius’s largest companies meant quality , safety , and standards were paramount, to us getting the job, and successfully manufacturing and installing.

Our team handled the manufacture, transport between ports as well as installation on the ground, dealing with procurement, shipping agents as well as the marketing team, and then eventually co-ordinating the installation in Mauritius.

Signage Installation